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Island Lights

These fixtures were custom designed for this kitchen space. It's not easy to create three matching pieces but, it this case, every thing fell into place like it was meant to be.


Kitchen Lights

This is a fantastic kitchen in a friends Air B&B rental. I was asked to create downward lighting for over the counter and the tall order was in finding three of everything. Sometimes the way these things happen truly amazes me. I happened to have three "tractor" funnels and some old bunt cake pans from another friend's bakery. There are two bulbs lighting the domes and a spot light coming off the bottom of the cake pan.



The kitchen and dining area here were remodeled completely by me and that wonderful walnut and oak counter needed some special lighting. The client wanted a modern look and the aluminum balls filled that bill. The ceiling was uneven because of the beams so the long board was a practical solution as well as a design element. The ceiling lights were an unusual, half frosted, glass and the fixtures gave them a somewhat modern look as well. It all came together with the lighted vent hood that echos the blue of the cupboards.


Big Barn Light

That's not just any pole barn. The Liberty Tree Farm is a music venue and they host weddings and other celebrations. The barn is used for the dinners and dances and it needed a big light. I used some parts I found around my place and we collected the cans from a local restaurant. It measures about 8 feet across and it was a really fun challenge to work that big. 


The 404 Coffee Shop
Menu Lights

I was asked to make some custom spot lights for a coffee shop some friends were opening. It was a fun project and one of my first commissions for a custom project. In case you're wondering, those are headlights from a 1940's truck and the roadside warning lamps were a perfect fit and I was lucky to have two of each. The magnifying lens I placed on the top of the lanterns focused a nice beam of light at the chalk board menu. They were named Light Roast.